Smart Security

The Ultimate Intelligent
Security System

Smart Security

The Importance of Protection

The most innovative and crucial solution that home automation designers have crafted is Smart Home Security which provides peace of mind and ultimate convenience that you could possibly find. It would be no less than a trauma if someone invades your house and cleans up your valuables that you have accumulated over your lifetime. With our Smart Home Solutions, you have and get alerts when someone intrudes your space. Now this is a holistic solution covering up your security glitches at home.

Supreme Accessibility

Our intelligent security system aims to cater to all the small details when programming security for your home. You can schedule the lighting to the timings of dusk so that you don’t arrive to a dark house keeping the intruders away. Enjoy crisp two-way video communication when someone rings your door bell so that you know who is on the other side while having the option of unlocking the doors, turning on the entryway lights and re-locking the doors without you having to be physically present at the location for all this. It has all become possible through a single tap or a voice command via a mobile phone app even if you are across the border.

Smart Home Alarm Systems and Facial Recognition

For many years, alarm systems have been the go-to security protocol for most of the residents when trying to protect their homes but with little accessibility when the residents are not around. But not anymore, with our smart home alarm systems, it has become supremely convenient to access your alarm systems installed at your home via WIFI/internet with just a tap on your phone. You will have the luxury of receiving alerts all the time even if you are across the border whenever the alarms have been armed or disarmed by an intruder. The safe and secure alarm systems that we offer are wireless as well as fully wired systems which you can install depending on the state of construction of your house. The smart alarm systems ensure premium home security with a convenience guaranteed.

To add to the already holistic smart security solutions that we provide, facial recognition is another dynamic feature that we have added to bring absolute convenience to our consumer`s lifestyle. The facial recognition feature offers even greater control to the home-owner for property surveillance since it sends frequent notifications to your smart phone when someone tries to access your property. The facial recognition function makes the camera learn who are the regular faces that access your space and who are the new ones so it can send you alerts if it detects new faces that try to approach your property. This supremely intelligent feature recognizes the regular visitors like your family members, post-man or domestic staff and doesn’t send notifications when they arrive at your premises.

Video Door Stations

Video camera doorbells have been a familiar element in the home security measures that the residents take as part of full-proof security. As part of our efforts to introduce smart security solutions for our customers, we have added a thrilling feature of built-in microphone in video doorbells which allows two-way dialogue with crystal clear video when someone is even close to your doorbell let alone ringing it. The door stations are integrated with your home automation platform and allow you to access it even if you are not around. This allows you to grant access to the visitor to enter your home. This is especially helpful when you have to get something delivered, give access to the maids or help your guests let in when you are running late.

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