What is SKYIA?

Skyia automation solutions are designed to make homes more comfortable, more energy efficient and more secure -complementing your home designs with personalized features and experiences that transform a dream home into a dream way of living. Set yourself apart and transform your home by integrating home automation technology.

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Experience life with a smart home automation system controlling all of the technology throughout your home: simpler, easier, and more luxurious.


Take control of your business technology with an automation system that streamlines operational efficiency for lights, audio, video, and more.


One of the most convenient aspects of a smart home automation system is having every smart device at your home connected together for easy management. Centralized distribution makes this possible. With one centralized hub, you can control the technology in every room of your home, from the home security system to the lights to the HVAC and more. This centralized system cuts down on wall clutter, excess remotes, and redundant equipment, simplifying your home's decor and streamlining management.


The more smart devices you have throughout your home, the harder your network has to work to support them. Your smart home automation system relies on the internet network to receive bandwidth it needs to connect to the internet to communicate with other devices. That's why it makes sense to upgrade your home network to be reliable & robust for whatever data capacity your smart devices need. Our smart home automation experts can help you create a complete networking solution that can handle the demands of all of your devices, both now & in future.


Your lights can do so much more. With smart lighting control, your lights become a controllable element that helps enhance your home through energy management, ambiance, decor, and more. With the press of a single button on your smartphone or tablet, you can create the perfect lighting environment for your current activity, whether you're watching a movie or preparing dinner. You can even connect your lighting control to our home security system to create an intelligent system that aids in security & energy savings.


Today's smart home security systems go far beyond simple alarms and locks. Whether you're at home or on vacation, you can maintain complete control of your home's security right from your smartphone or tablet. Stream surveillance camera footage in real time, speak with people at the door through a video intercom system, and even unlock the doors while you're away to let in a repairman or babysitter. Create a "Vacation" security scene that integrates your home's motorized shades and lighting to make your home seem occupied while you're away, fooling would-be intruders. With a smart security system, you're in complete control of your home's safety.


Enjoy music in every room of your home with a multi-room music system. You don't have to get separate audio systems for each room; instead, an audio distribution system delivers music to any and every space. This approach avoids clutter and extra wires—all of the speakers can be installed wirelessly or even hidden directly within the walls so that your home's interior design isn't compromised in any way. You can also reduce the number of different media products or streaming services since the entire system is connected together. To control your music system, all you need is a smartphone, remote, or tablet. All of the speakers, music streaming services, media collections, and more are available at your fingertips.


With LED lighting, you are no longer restricted to having an electrician string incandescent pot lights all over your house with a couple of decorative sconces on the wall and a hanging fixture over the dining room table. That is about the extent of most builders’ imagination. LED lets you consider instead the concept of T.A.G. Lighting: including task, accent, and general fixtures. Now all of the light in your space can carry the gentle glow of sunlight instead of the harsh yellow of a regular bulb. You can run glowing lights up and down staircases, light a desk or island not only from above but also from below, and every light can be adjustable in both intensity and color temperature.


Don't let your boardroom get cluttered with cords and speakers. With an audio distribution system, your staff and customers can enjoy music throughout the commercial building without having to deal with clunky speakers. The distributed audio is controlled using a central processor and audio matrix switcher, which manage all of the speakers and media remotely so that you can place speakers anywhere in your facility. Wired or wireless, we partner with top-quality audio manufacturers to provide speakers that blend into their environments while delivering clear, pure sound.


Adjust speaker volume, change the TV channel, or play music throughout the office, all without ever leaving your seat. With an integrated media control system, you have the ability to manage all of your AV equipment and media from one central touchscreen. Whether the media source is analog, digital, a streaming service or something else entirely, you can simplify it all into one streamlined system. Display advertisements across a video wall or play background music from your favorite streaming service. Whether you're seeking a Control4 or other dealer, whatever your media control needs, we can customize the perfect solution for your business.


Harness the power of the sun in order to save money on energy costs and help make the world a better place to live. With smart sensors that monitor sunlight levels, you can balance natural and artificial light throughout your corporate buildings. The commercial automation system keeps track of lighting and temperature levels throughout the building and acts intelligently to balance lighting needs and energy management by dimming artificial lights, raising motorized shades, etc. By investing in daylight harvesting, you can lower the energy bill without any extra effort from your staff members.


In a fully automated commercial environment, even the window treatments can act intelligently to enhance your business. Protect office furniture and equipment from harmful UV rays with shades that automatically lower when too much natural sunlight is detected. Save costs on heating and cooling by using shades to reduce solar heat gain. Keep your presentation visuals crisp and clear by blocking out the natural light that would wash out the projector image. With a strong variety of fabrics and patterns to choose from, there's a smart shading solution out there that is perfect for your business environment.


Boost productivity in the most important areas of your business with integrated technology controlled by one intuitive system. Stop wasting time before meetings trying to get all of the teleconferencing or presentation equipment turned on and ready to go. Instead, simply press a single button and have the room do the work for you. The screen lowers, lights dim, motorized shades block out sunlight, projector turns on, and your presentation starts displaying automatically. This zero-effort approach gives users more time to focus on the important aspects of business and eliminates the common frustrations of dealing with commercial technology.



You can now estimate or budget your home costing before making it in reality


You can save your construction for later on and can resume it with just a click. You can even see your constructions you sent to the architects


Get an online directory which will help you contacting the vendors and the architects when you need them



Can view portfolios of famous architects and vendors we provide from all over the Pakistan


Once home estimation is completed, you can fix a meeting with the architects to discuss your home designs and structures


Saving details can be very convenient now as you can save your constructions details and costing in a pdf


When you move to the next screen in the home estimator so all your data will be automatically sync on our cloud-based database, so you dont need to worry about loosing your data and that's the best part about saving automatically when you close the app accidentally.
When you complete the home estimator, the last screen will show you the list of architects from which you can fix the meeting with them over that screen.
You can now resend your my constructions by clicking the 'my construction' in the app and then going to the sent tab. Over here you can click on your any construction you previously sent to the architects and can resend it to other architects by selecting different architects. Whereas saving is concerned, you can save the pdf version of the previously construction on your phone when viewing the summary.
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