SKYIA is your go-to for all-in-one solutions in one place. Our modern lighting systems are highly scalable from small to large-sized projects and are designed to seamlessly integrate your fixtures and controls to meet your clients' usage needs and regulatory requirements. Our solutions increase energy efficiency, optimize lighting levels and give you more control than ever before.


When you’re ready to part ways with your traditional fixtures, we have your back. Our controllable retrofit solutions make replacing existing troffer, vapor tight, wrap, and strip fixtures easy. Plus, with support from our in-house experts every step of the way, you’ll be surprised at just how simple enabling your future can be.


At SKYIA, it is your experience that is important to us. We are your guides through your smart home journey, helping you to unlock the possibilities with Smart Home. The ‘Design’ phase of our process is crucial to the smooth running of the following BUILD ‘and ‘SUPPORT ‘ phases. Ultimately ensuring that a plan has been made for both the aesthetics and functionality of the technology.