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One sugar or two? Tell us how you like your coffee – and while you’re at it, tell us about your industry and how you’d like your company to grow within it. From e-commerce sites and online magazines to corporate identities and app development (and much more), ten-twenty is eager to help you to discover the right solution for your digital needs.

Smart lighting


Lighting is no longer just a utility for your home. It’s an aesthetic that creates an ideal movie-viewing experience for your family, provides an ambiance that is lively for a gathering of guests, adds cheer to your holiday season, and even sets the perfect mood for a date night.

Smart Security


Keep your home, and the important things in it, safe and secure at all times. Check-in on the locks, cameras, and garage doors from across the street or the globe. Receive alerts when someone enters the house.



More than just a space to watch a movie, your theater is meant to be a place of isolation, drawing you away from the outside world and straight into the action.

Climate Control


Whether your home is yet to be built, is in the construction process, or has been standing for years, Skyia Technologies has the power to make it the smartest one on the block. And size is of no importance; you can smarten up a small flat or a sprawling estate.

Smart Shade/Drapery


Easily raise, lower, or tilt individual window coverings. We work with some of the world’s leading shade manufacturers such as Lutron to ensure a seamless experience through manual control or automated settings that work alongside your lights to increase energy efficiency.



Stream your favorite playlist on full blast through the entire house or enjoy it softly in the kitchen. With high-resolution, multi-room audio from Control4, you can play all of your favorite music everywhere or in just one room—with the touch of a button.

High Performance Network/Wifi

High Performance

Professional Network designing and engineering services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Fix, optimize, and guarantee your network and applications are ready to perform.

Future Proofing Consultancy


Users and installers may benefit not only from the standard features of native integration but also from all the features offered by the 2N IP intercoms. The features like integration with VMS and picture2email can improve home security.

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