Smart Lightning


Smart Lightning

The Smart Experience

The popularity of Smart lighting solutions is purely based on the convenience it adds to your life. The days of expensive smart solutions are over when the systems were centralized with a processing unit to control lightings or a physical movement or touch was required. In this modern era of advancements, the smart lighting solutions lets your control the entire lighting system of your house through a simple yet elegant automated system.

Smart lighting systems offers hands-free illumination where the entire lighting system can be controlled through your voice. Choose to light your way through your house if your hands are full or you don’t feel like getting of your bed. Program the lighting system in your house in a way where you don’t ever come to a dark house in the evenings. Schedule them to turn on and off so that no one in your surroundings have a clue if the house is vacant. All this with a centralized controller on your tablet, smart phone or a single keyboard.

Tame Lighting Temperatures

Change is the only thing which is consistent with human minds. Old lighting solutions might want you to replace entire lightings for different times of the day or force you to live with the same monotonous lighting. Our smart lighting solution provides the perfect help here with its whole gamut of the colour spectrum. You can now imagine to be woken up with a lighting ambiance that you ideally want; soft warm while developing into a bright cool white to energize you for the day ahead and follow it up with a cozier tone when the evening arrives so that you can have a mellow surrounding which makes you feel relaxed. The whole lighting scene can be programmed as per your need to set-up the perfect temperatures that you want throughout the day.

The entire system can be programmed in a way where every corner of your property can be set-up with a different scene of lighting to make you establish scenes around your home the way you want them to be and all this with a single control on your fingertips.

Control It When You Own It

The utmost comfort that comes with the smart lighting solution is the convenience to control every corner of your house while you don’t have to move an inch. With the old solutions, you had to be physically present in the desired room to switch on/off the lights but not with our Smart Lighting Solution where you can be in bed, in your garage, in your office or even out of the country and you can still have a full control through your smart phone, wireless keypads or through a voice command. Automatic schedules can be programmed in your device so that your lighting adjusts to the time of the dusk and dawn and with the help of motion sensors and location services, the control device (smart phone or control4 keypads) can trigger on the lighting as you approach home so that you don’t come to a dark house.

Scheduling and location-based triggers can also help you protect your house from criminals and alarming situations as you can program the lights as per your time needs even if you are away for long.

Energy Consumption

The world is moving towards energy consumption and so are we. We fully understand the need for sustainability when it comes to setting-up a complete smart lighting solution for which we install LED-illuminations. Incandescent bulbs would emit most energy through heat dissipation and only a very small percentage would be for the actual light which is huge wastage of energy. So, we have moved to more energy efficient lighting solutions as an effort to provide more eco-friendly solutions to our clients. The use of motion sensors and lux level meters also can determine when the lights at home should be switched on or off which are integrated into the smart automated platform.

A wireless Solution

We provide a range of wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads ideal for areas where you do not want to cut walls to plug in wires. Our wireless lighting solution is cost-effective and a perfect fit for remodel projects providing for an ideal interface to keep control.

A Centralized Solution

With our centralized lighting solution, all the lighting wires will come to land at a centralized location and eliminate the need to for bank of switches rather replacing it with elegant keypads to control individual or sets of light fixtures.

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