Smart Shades and Drapery

Entire control in your hands

Smart Shade/Drapery

Smart Shades and Drapery

With technology taking over lives in almost every step we take, it has become essential to find new smart solutions frequently to make our lives easier and convenient. Time has become wealth and we need to come up with solutions that help us preserve our wealth. Our smart home solutions aim to do exactly that by providing state of the art solutions that not only make your life easier but also provide you with the luxury you look for.

The smart shades and drapery solution is another tick on the box of comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Now you can adjust your blinds the way you want by just a tap on your phone, touchpad or voice command or you can also integrate scheduled adjustment in our smart solution OS.

Set the mode of your blinds by setting them up for dawn, dusk, meetings or any ambiance that you desire to create. The blinds and shades will rise, get lower or tilt automatically as per your will through our integrated solution. This seamless and luxurious experience works alongside the lights, thermostat and other features to increase energy efficiency while saving up your precious time simultaneously.

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