The Exquisite
Multi-room Audio System


Audio for Every Room

What technology does best is mitigate the clutter and makes things work smartly. Smart Home solutions aim to cater all the activities that are happening in your house on a daily basis and looks to simplify them for supreme convenience. In old times, if you wanted to make your home music centric, you would need multiple equipment and wirings to make it a single music zone but not anymore. Our centralized audio video solutions let you play all of your music everywhere or in just one room through touch of a button on your phone. The ordinary apps on your phone doesn’t transmit the same music quality for which we have customized streaming services which are perfectly compatible with your home music system. Now, let the lights get dim, shades get lower and see our music system play magic in your ears.

Audio Systems for Multi-Room Connectivity

The problem with multi-room audio systems was a clutter of wires and equipment spread all over your house in the bid to make your place a centralized music zone. Our multi-room designs have eliminated the complexed matrix of wires and multiple devices to distribute music throughout your house. The modern technology of Bluetooth and apple airplay makes it effortless to play music around your house while all the devices are hidden smartly.

Your smartphone is the sole controller of the entire audio system that is installed around your house. A couple of taps on your phone device makes the music follow you around home or to a specific room. Scaling your whole home into a single audio zone is also perfect when you are sharing a well-curated playlist at a social gathering.

The Smart Set-up

When installing smart solutions at your home, our focus is to keep things visually pleasing. The aim is to eliminate clutter on your worktops and shelves and to achieve that smart design, we look to install the speakers in your ceilings or walls. Running the cables to a centralized point and house the equipment there too which is an absolute necessity when planning the house design. This way, you can keep the audio speakers out of sight but still enjoy a magical music experience around your home.

The Singing Rooms

The music throws its real essence when it is played in a comfortable open space. In the past, people have been immune to listening to low grade music through their mobile apps on their phones, through earphones or wireless headphones. The trend is now changing with people desiring to play music on high fidelity home audio systems so that it serves the purpose of having a relaxed evening with ears free of containment. The only thing filling the room should be music with great systems in place.

We integrate our systems with the best in place music streaming services that are compatible with our audio systems that we install at your home so that you enjoy a superior experience with master quality audio.

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